Transfer Between Your TBC Web Wallet and Your Android TBC Wallet App

How To Transfer Between Your TBC Web Wallet and Your Android TBC Wallet App

Step 1: Open your TBC Web Wallet.


Step 2: Click the SEND button to open the SEND Tab.000-02-WW-100k.png

Step 3:Type the Receiving TBC Wallet address.

Step 4:Do a Test send to verify that the TBC Wallet address is correct. Enter only 1 TBC Coin to Test the Address and Click Send.000-03-WW-100k-EnterAddress&1.png

Step 5: Verify the Address and Amount.

Step 6: Click Confirm button. NOTE: It is very important that you wait for at least 1 confirmation before you do another Transaction.000-04-WW-100k-confirm-1.png

Step 7: Wait for at least 1 confirmation before doing any other Transactions.000-05-WW-100k-1confermation.png

Step 8: Click Send and Enter your Address of your Android TBC Wallet.

Step 9: Enter the balance of the Web Wallet less the Fee (0.0001). Or you can type the word “max” and it will calculate the maximum minus the fee.


Step 10: Click Confirm to send the TBC coins.


This Web Wallet now shows a zero balance. This wallet is still good and can always be used. Note:
1) It is NOT recommended that you transfer all of your coins from the Web TBC Wallet to your Android TBC Wallet App. This is the field test of the Android APP. Although the internal testing shows the transferring coin works well, it is better to be act with caution.

2) The QR Codes work well to transfer TBC coins from smart phone to smart phone using the Android TBC Wallet App, The QR Codes does NOT work between Android TBC Wallet App and the TBC Web Wallet.

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3) The Exchange works between BitCoin and LiteCoin, TBC is not on any Exchange and can not be Exchanges through the Exchange section of the App.

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