Transfer Between Your TBC Web Wallet and Your Android TBC Wallet App

How To Transfer Between Your TBC Web Wallet and Your Android TBC Wallet App Step 1: Open your TBC Web Wallet. Step 2: Click the SEND button to open the SEND Tab. Step 3:Type the Receiving TBC Wallet address. Step 4:Do a Test send to verify that the TBC Wallet address is correct. Enter only 1 TBC Coin to Test the Address and Click Send. Step 5: Verify the Address and Amount. Step 6: Click Confirm b... »

The Billion Coin Membership Agreement

The formula for TheBillionCoin begins with its membership agreement. By being a TBC member/holder, you, with other TheBillionCoin (TBC) community agree that this coin (TBC) will never go down in value; hence it can only go up in price until its ultimate price of 1TBC= €1,000,000,000. This agreement is hinged on a software program that drives the price of TBC up by 1% to 5% daily until it reaches i... »


In 1994 your friend told you not to invest in Amazon. In 1998 they saidf PayPal was a scam. In 2009 they told you Bitcoin was a scam. Are you still friends with that person?? In 2017 I am your friend… I am telling you to invest and get connected CRYPTOCURRENCY is the future, Nigeria is no longer funny… . Exchange rate is N420 to $1. Bank interest rate is 33%. Minimum wage is stuck at N... »

All TBC Discounters to be suspended

All TBC Discounters to be suspended forever Nigeria just to show the stuff they are made of has made TBC admin to change its policy on discounters. From now henceforth, ALL TBC DISCOUNTERS, BOTH BUYERS AND SELLERS, WILL HAVE ALL OF THEIR TBC WALLETS SUSPENDED FOREVER, RETROACTIVELY!  Apparently a 6 month suspension was not enough of a deterrent to stop this abusive behavior.  Keep on posting your ... »

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